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research Reports

Methods and Concepts
Evaluating MECP's 17-Year Old Natural Heritage Gap Analysis Method for Central Ontario with the Catchacoma Forest Example (FLB #40, 2023)
Comparing Stand Ages Using Tree Cores and Forest Resource Inventory Mapping from 1987 and
     2007 in the Catchacoma Forest (PRB #10, 2021)
Definitions and Types of Old-growth Forests (FLB #38, 2020)
Minimum Diameters for Old-growth Trees in Ontario's Temperate Forest Region (FLB #36, 2020)

Rare, Threatened and Endangered Forests in Ontario's Temperate Forest Region (FLB #34, 2019)

Peterborough County Old-growth Forest Assessment Project Description (FLB #33, 2019)

Old-growth Forest Sites
Rapid Initial Ecological Survey of Wetlands in the Catchacoma Forest (FLB #39, 2023)
Catchacoma Forest Species Inventory 2022 Field Season (RR #45, 2023)
Environmental Education and Public Outreach: Catchacoma Forest, PART 2 only (RR #44, pt 2,
Environmental Education and Public Outreach for the Stewardship of Primary Forests:
     The Catchacoma Old-growth Forest (full report) (RR #44, 2023)
Carbon Storage and CO2 Produced by Logging in the Catchacoma Forest (RR #43, 2023)
Mother Tree Survey in the Central Portion of the Catchacoma Forest, Update (PRB #13, 2022)
2022 Field Season Results Update, Catchacoma Forest, Trent Lakes, Ontario (PRB #12, 2022)
Establishing a Long-term, Permanent-Plot Research Program - REPORT  METHODS (RR #42,
Natural Heritage Values of the Unprotected Catchacoma Forest (RR #41, 2021)
Rapid Old-growth Survey in the Heart of the Catchacoma Forest by YLS Students (PRB #11, 2021)
Rapid Assessment of Old-growth Characteristics in the Catchacoma Forest (PRB #09, 2020) 
Mapping Old-growth Forests in Northern Peterborough County (RR #40, 2020)

Catchacoma Forest Species and Habitat Inventory (RR #39, 2020)

Ages of Large Trees at Mark Burnham Provincial Park (PRB #08, 2020)

Catchacoma Forest Natural Capital vs Timber (Logging) Value (FLB #37, 2020) 

An Inventory of Old-growth Eastern Hemlock Forests in Canada (FLB #35, 2019)

Jackson Park Old-growth Forest Survey (RR #33, 2016)

Other Related AFER Reports

Roadless Areas in Algonquin Park: 18% of Wilderness Remains (conference presentation, 2021)

Conserving Eastern Hemlock Forests in Southern Ontario (RR #38, 2019)     

Eastern Hemlock Old-growth Forests in the Greater Toronto Area (PRB #07, 2019)

The Unprotected Cayuga Lake Hemlock Old-growth Forest, Algonquin Park (PRB #06, 2018)

The Unprotected Hurdman Creek Hemlock Old-growth Forest, Algonquin Park (PRB #02, 2018)

Effects of Climate Change on Biodiversity in the Algonquin Park Region (FLB #30, 2017)

Opportunities for Wildlife Habitat Connectivity between Algonquin Park, Ontario and the

     Adirondack Park, New York (1999)

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